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I highly endorse Fred! He's a strategic organizer and planner. He's an aristocrat and noble. He's fair, just, dependable, reliable, and trustworthy. He's also socially and economically aware.


- Singh

I am proud to endorse Fred Arnold for COC Trustee Area 3. Fred is a strong supporter of College of the Canyons. As a member of the COC Foundation Board, Fred has helped bring needed educational programs and resources to our students. Fred's business experience, work ethics and professionalism will be a great asset on the board. Vote for Fred!

Gloria Mercado-Fortine

- Hart School District Board Member, Emeritus, Educator, Small Business Owner

Jeff Brady

- HealthCare Recruiter

Fred Arnold, brings the kind of leadership and vision that a college board needs. Fred is incredibly disciplined, highly intelligent, very innovative, someone whom you can trust and rely on in any given situation. Having him on the college board will help bring fresh new ideas and a strong leader that the community can trust and rely on.

Schaeffer Crawford

- Processing Assistant

Fred has been a trusted member of our community for many years. He will be committed to continuing the excellent reputation of COC.

Beverly Maier

- Retired


- Financial consultant

Barbara Myler

- CEO, Summit West Public Relations & Marketing

I’ve known Fred for over 30 years and he has always been a dedicated, charitable member of the community. We raised four children together and, as an educator and parent, I know what a priority quality education is to Fred.

Kristin Yates

- Mother, Educator

I have known Fred for many years. Clearly Fred is a man of integrity and action. Fred will do a great job for students and staff alike at College of he Canyons

Chuck Lyon

- Dean/Athletic Director, College of the Canyons

As the current COC Board Member and Trustee for District 3, I fully support Fred Arnold to replace me in this elected position. Fred has done a wonderful job being a Director of the COC Foundation Board and helping all students achieve success. Fred has helped eliminate barriers that kept students from reaching their goals and Fred has supported programs that enable all students to be treated with dignity and that align with equity and diversity. Fred is a champion of student success!

Steven Zimmer

- College of the Canyons Trustee

Fred is a lifelong friend and will make a tremendous Trustee for COC.

Kathy Mendoza

Fred Arnold, not only a loving father, successful businessman- he knows how to make things happen in the community. Fred takes action with everything in his life.

Debbie Caracciolo

- Business Owner

Sue Nevius

- 360 Executive Suites

Fred's energy, integrity, dedication and inspiration will be a great asset to the COC Board of Trustees. I have known and worked with Fred for over eight years. Everyday he inspires and motivates people to be their best and achieve their goals.

Steve Schaefer

- Reverse Mortgage Advisor and 40+ year SCV resident

Meg Reynolds

- Mrs.

Martin Ritz

- Retired FBI Agent

Cathy Ritz

- COC Foundation Chief Operating Officer/Director, University Center

I have known Fred Arnold for many years and he has always had a heart to serve the community. As well as being a caring supportive father to his 4 children, he has been a great mentor to other young adults along the way. To be a great and effective leader you must first serve and continue to serve as you lead. Fred embodies this quality in his life. I know personally that this is something that Fred has been patiently preparing for and I am so excited to see him stepping into his perfect fit in this perfect time. He has my vote.

Ellen Como

- Owner of Hello Muscle Fitness and friend!

I have known Fred for too many years to remember and I've known him as a solid citizen here in the SCV; he's a man that you can always count on! Fred has supported our community in a myriad of ways, including numerous charity functions, and he's always been a great supporter of our Veterans community

William L. Reynolds

I have known and worked with Fred Arnold for over 15 years. Fred is a man of integrity, commonsense, enthusiasm & has a passion for making our SCV community a better place to live, attend school and work for all. In my many years of interactions with Fred, I know he believes a strong public education systems is fundamental and the backbone to strengthening the entire local community and society. As a parent of a current COC student and a former alumnus of the school myself, I’m grateful for the vital role a great community college has benefited our family. I know with the help of Fred’s leadership, talents and enthusiasm, he will help take our local community college to the next level of being a world class public school, helping the students and community at-large to achieve greater success. That’s why our family is voting for Fred Arnold!

Jake Young

- Parent of A Current COC Student, Life Long Resident of the SCV, Local Mortgage Loan Officer

In my experience having worked with Fred, he always gave 110% to advance initiatives to benefit COC students and programs.

Michele Edmonson

- Retired Director of Development COC Fdn

Rudy Herrera

Christian Moore

Greg Amsler

- Owner, Salt Creek Grille


- Davis

Dennis Verner

- SCV Commercial Real Estate

My father, Fred, is the most upstanding man I know. He cares deeply about the Santa Clarita community and COC. I have had the opportunity to accompany my Dad to countless charitable endeavors of his in the past 24 years. It was one of the most salient and impactful aspects of my childhood. He even encouraged my brother, Alex, and I to take on our own projects in high school--running a blood drive and organizing packages to send to our service members, respectively. My Dad has dedicated his career in service of others. He will do a wonderful job on the COC Board of Trustees!

Katie Arnold

- Daughter

I came to know Fred at a very crucial point in my career at COC when I was pondering about transitioning from teaching to administration. Fred was my mentor during the Chamber of Commerce Leadership Academy program. He showed me the importance of networking and advocacy. He helped me see the important role faculty and the college play in shaping our city’s economic directions. He made me feel proud of what I do as a COC faculty at that time, and as an administrator afterwards. I put my trust in Fred to lead COC forward.

Jia-Yi Cheng-Levine

- Dean, International Affairs & Global Engagement

I have know Fred for nearly two decades and have seen his high level of community involvement produce results for charities and local business as well. As a member of the COC Foundation Board of Directors for several years now, he already has an insight into the college and the needs of its students. Fred will make a GREAT Board of Trustees member!

Joseph Klocko

- Aerospace Executive (ret.)

Fred is a fantastic community leader and will do a phenomenal job at COC! I’ve worked many times with Fred professionally and on many community projects. I can honestly say, he genuinely cares about people and our community! I endorse Fred Arnold for COC Board of Trustees.

Taylor Kellstrom

- Business Owner, Realtor, Circle of Hope Board Member, Child and Family Center Board Member

I have known Fred since high school. Fred has always been a caring and compassionate person for others. Fred is a successful business owner, motivational speaker, charitable fundraiser and more importantly, one of the best Fathers I know that has raised for wonderful children. Fred has contributed so much to the Santa Clarita Valley and his appointment to the Board Of College Of The Canyons will be the start of a tremendous addition to help lead our next generation into the future!!

John Lite

- CEO John Lite Insurance Agency Inc, Business Leader

Met Fred last night. COC is such an important part of Santa clarita and hes 100% got my vote.

Deborah Thuesen

- Realtor

I have known Fred Arnold for almost 20 years, as we coached our sons together in t-ball. And here’s what I have learned over the past couple of decades about Fred Arnold. He is a dedicated Father, a Tri-Athlete, a respected Business Owner, a Philanthropist, and a true leader of the SCV community! His strong business background of over 20 years in the mortgage industry has won him multiple awards over the years. He is active in so many charitable fund raising endeavors and often opens up his home to host these events. He is honest. He is genuine. Fred is very well known as a Hard Worker. He gives time to charities and has for decades. And he is a Patriot who truly loves this community & this country!

Barrie Eget

- Ring Announcer ~ Championship Boxing & MMA

Deborah Thuesen

I proudly endorse Fred Arnold for COC Board of Trustees. As a mom of a current student and an Alumni, I find it important that the people entrusted to make decisions for the college be civic minded, goal oriented, financially responsible, inspirer quality and understands the needs of the growing population at COC. I believe Fred Arnold embodies all of these attributes and will serve on the board with integrity.

Cathy Lukin

- Administrative Manager

Fred is a good man. He cares about his community. He brings people together. He is a dedicated father .. He is a determined man ... Nothing shows more dedication than participating in marathons... He is an Ironman...

Jeff Dombro

- Studio Driver / Prop Man

Leslie Rogers

- Rogersland Daycare

Michelle LeColst-Johnston

- Attorney

Fred is a proven leader with a deep commitment to his community!

Greg P. Santilli


Fred, Happy to endorse you for this COC position. Your business acumen and trustworthiness is an asset for any role. Best of Luck!

Dave Schiesser

- Business consultant

What a great addition Fred Arnold would be to the Board of Trustees at COC. His work ethics, commitment and servíent heart will support his goals to supporting student access to further their educational and professional goals. He is a teacher, a motivational spirit always creating a win win and a giving man. All qualities that will help him lead.

Sansy Holguin

- President NAHREP Santa Clarita, Real Estate Broker, Advisory Board Member SRD Straightening Reins

This is fantastic! I can't think of a better person for the job! You have been a strong supporter of the college for years. Thank you for bringing your vast experience and know how to the Trustees. You have my endorsement and full support.

Bill Miranda

- Mayor Pro Tem

I known Fred for almost 30 years as he has been my go to guy for mortgage loans and refinancing. Not only is he dedicated to his profession, he is committed to his family, community, as well as to pursuit of physical endeavors, always challenging himself to go the extra distance. After involvement on numerous boards, committees and foundations, his decision to put his hat in the ring for COC Board of Trustees is the logical next step in his trajectory of giving back. No doubt he will give it his all! Therefore, I am proud to endorse Fred!

Linda Tarnoff

- Retired Deputy, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

Fred Arnold is an industry leader and seasoned veteran in the areas of mortgage lending and public speaking. His belief is that if you help enough people get what they want out of life, then you will always achieve your goals and dreams. This mindset and extensive business background is exactly what the SCV needs for the COC Board of Trustees in Area #3

Maureen Daniels

- Signal sales & marketing

I endorse Fred Arnold without any reservation for the COC Board. I have known Fred for more than thirty years dating back to our service as volunteers on the Board of Directors of the Matadors Community Credit Union. Fred is committed, honest & ethical and will put the interest of the students, faculty and staff at College of the Canyons as his top priority. He has served his community with distinction and has the appropriate skill set to be an asset (and not a liability) to the Board and the College.

Dennis DeYoung

- CSUN Foundation Board Member & Past President of the CSUN Alumni Association

Larry Maddox

- BS Criminal Justice FedEx

Lauren Lund

- BS Bio-behavioral health

Kasun Jackett

- Enterprise, BA Oregon State

Kile Jackett

- Self-employed

Brittany Middleton

- Admin

Anthony Alvarez

- OCC College Student, Valet driver

Taylor Alvarez

- Barista part time, Nanny part time

Janice Jackett

- Human Resources Partner, USC MBA graduate

Hope Alvarez

- AA obtained, BA in progress at CSULB, Food Service Worker

I have known Fred for many years and he has always been the consummate professional both in his industry (mortgage) as well as in the many charitable organizations he participates in. He is known for giving his time and expertise to anyone who asks for help. I strongly believe that Fred will be a great advocate for everyone involved in COC and will make it a better college than it already is. Please join me in supporting Fred for COC board of trustees.

Tim Pluma

- CEO of AmericanSolarBrokers.com

Broklynn Gomez

- Full time USC graduate student

Fred Arnold is one of the best in Scv! I love listening to his motivational talks and speeches. We can all learn a lot from this man I know I do. Thank you Fred for all you do! He would be an awesome addition to COC board of trustees.

Vincent Bird

- Scv Decals

I have known Fred for over 15 years. He is one of the most inspiring men I know, always willing to go the extra mile for anyone. He got together with a few others during the Saugus shooting and put in his own time to put together t-shirts for the entire community to wear. He’s the perfect man for the job!

Stefanie Angelo

Organized, positive, diligent, consistent, caring, involved, experienced...Fred brings all of these qualities and more to any challenge he tackles. He will help one of the treasures of our valley, COC, move confidently into the future and continue its growth in serving the community.

Byron Davis

- Hospital Controller

I have known Fred for most of my life and can attest to his personal and professional integrity. Despite working hard to develop a successful business he has always been an admirable family man. He genuinely cares about people; building trusting relationships that transcend time. The robust network he’s built is a testament to the strength of his character. He leads his personal and professional life guided by the same principles: perseverance, virtue and gratitude. He would, unequivocally, lead with those same aspects in his role as a member of the Santa Clarita Community College Board of Trustees.

Kim Funk

- Healthcare Administrator

I have known Fred Arnold for over 25 years and have always known him to be an honest hard-working driven professional. He will be a great addition to the COC board of trustees!

David Guenther

- Business Owner

Christine Ryan

- Manager Dahn Corporation

Fred is a positive and upbeat person who believes in encouraging others to be the same. He is always looking for a way to contribute to his community and those around him.

Barry Franklin

- Valencia Resident

I was thrilled to find out that Fred Arnold was running for the Board of Trustee. Not only is he extremely qualified, he is an exceptionally kind man that cares deeply for our community. You got my vote, Fred!

Helen George-Fournier

- Business Owner

I have never met a more driven, hard working, helpful, professional. Fred will be an asset to the Santa Clarita Community College District Board of Trustees

Leslie Lamers

- Administrative Asst.

David Goss

- 38th Central Committee

Liz Watts

- Owner, Liz Watts And Company

Jamall Singh

- Branch Manager, Caliber Home Loans

Yvonne Rinehart

- Voiceover Professional

Chris Estrada

- American worker

Having worked with Fred on the College of the Canyons Foundation Board and in the community, I know what a dignified and respected leader he is. He is always looking out for the people he serves and works tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcomes in all aspects of his life. I have no doubt that he will carry that into his service as a trustee for the Santa Clarita Community College District. I am tremendously proud to endorse Fred Arnold for COC Trustee Area 3.

Brian Koegle

- Attorney

Collin Van Bruggen

- Business Owner

Nicole Jurcic

- Vice President

Lindsay Gordon

- Application Analyst

When I found out that Fred was running for the COC Board of Trustees, I couldn't support him fast enough! Not only is Fred impressive as a local business leader, but his willingness to share his time, resources, and expertise with the community is also quite commendable. Yes, he's an inspiration as a community leader who has made an enormous impact in the non-profit world. But he's also an inspiration as somebody that demands excellence in all areas of his life, as evidenced by his athletic pursuits in competing in several Iron Man races. Fred will live up to the same high standards of excellence in this role as well, and is the best choice for the COC Board of Trustees!

Christian Dadulak

- Business Owner, Financial Advisor, JCI Santa Clarita VP of Training & Development

Angela Gordon

Good luck Fred!

Robert Swieca

- Environmental Serviced Manager

I couldn't think of a more qualified leader to serve on The COC Board of Trustee's.

Maureen Swieca

- Retail Receiver (Retired)

100% all in on everything Fred Arnold does and says

Elise Ginsburg

Grace Borucki

- Owner, Dog Sitters Extraordinaire

Fred Arnold is a wonderfully exceptional man of character, compassion, and culture. It would be a true honor to have him serve on the COC Board of Trustees, Area 3.

Patrick Swieca

- Media Professional

I have full confidence in Fred due to the fact that his character upholds integrity. His business ethics and team building qualities reflect daily, in addition to his personal relations. Some may consider a rare attribute, truly he is man of his word and I would highly recommend him for office.  

Alice Fitzsimmons

- Owner, Beauty Connections

Fred Arnold is the perfect candidate for Trustee Area 3. He is compassionate, enthusiastic, and a leader we can trust. His knowledge and experience will provide the college with the leadership it needs.

Jill Mellady

- COC Foundation Board Co-Chair

Fred Arnold is the trustee the board needs. He is calm, collected, driven and compassionate. He will ensure that the college is transparent and fair to everyone. He has made a huge impact in the COC Foundation, and he will make a huge impact for the COC Board.

Steve Corn

- COC Foundation Board Co-Chair

A board member must be objective, clear, and trustworthy. Fred is all of those things and more. He will make a great addition to the Board of Trustees and he will make a great difference for the college.

Mike Berger

- College of the Canyons Trustee

What pleasure it is for me and my firm to endorse Mr. Fred Arnold for COC Board of Trustees. Fred is the ideal business person / father to serve the community on the Board of Trustees. I've known Fred for over 25 years - he is THE BEST. Cheers Fred and good luck in winning this race.

Gary Saenger

- President, Saenger Associates

Fred, Have been the voice of support of Santa Clarita business. The College of the Canyons. Has been the center for education for our future owners and workers. Fred has had great exposure to the community's needs for years. Please support his effort for a seat on the board. Good luck Fred.

Ed Bernstein

- President

Looking forward to seeing you on the board at COC you are the right choice!

Selina Thomas

- Candidate for City Council

Lorna Adelini

- Nurse, (Retired)

Dr. Al Adelini

- Dean, counselor at College of the Canyons (Retired)

Gloria Mercado-Fortine

- Retired Administrator LAUSD. CEO of Global Education Solutions, Inc.

Bruce Fortine

- Founder of College of the Canyons, 30+ year trustee, Retired

Wishing you the best in the election.

Sue Endress

- Business Owner

Fred is an effective advocate for students, veterans, small business owners, economic opportunity and the entire Santa Clarita Valley. His experience with the OLPH School Board, CoC Foundation, SCV Chamber, CA Association of Mortgage Brokers and National Association of Mortgage Professionals proves he understands how to get things done, how to create jobs and how to develop talent to fill those jobs. Fred knows how government works and how it doesn’t. He is the best qualified candidate to run for CoC trustee in recent history. On November 3, vote Fred Arnold!

JD Kennedy

- Business Owner

Fred brings wisdom and leadership everywhere he goes. COC would be beyond blessed to have him!

Chris Lee

- Entrepreneur

Fred is uniquely placed to use his business and non prodit leadership experience to help raise up our next generation of leaders.

Neil Fitzgerald

- National Non Profit Leader

David Cantrell

- Sales Manager, HS Track Coach

Fred has dedicated many years into improving the lives of Santa Clarita residents. From his work in the business world, and his continual support of local non profits, Fred embodies leadership and selflessness. He will serve COC with dedication and honor, and I proudly support his campaign.

Jason Gibbs

- Principal Engineer

Corey Carter

- Attorney

Fred has not only been a personal friend for over 20 years, but we have worked together professionally as well! He is an excellent business person, a wonderful mentor and has always been very supportive of and involved with the Santa Clarita community. He is an asset to our community and he will be a wonderful asset to College of the Canyons.

Shelly Jefferis

- Entrepreneur and College Professor

Fred is a leader and always brings positivity into any situation. He is extremely intelligent and cares deeply about young people and their future. He is also very supportive of teachers and support staff. He is supported by three current members of the College of the Canyons Board of Trustees for this position.

Roger Van Hook

- Retired college professor

Fred is an unbelievable leader in our community. I couldn’t think of a better position for him to be putting his energy into. Our community is a better place with individuals like Fred leading the way.

Bryan Cunningham

- Vice President with Strategy Partners

Taylor Kellstrom

- Business Owner, Realtor, Circle of Hope Board Member, Child and Family Center Board Member

Fred sets the standard in everything he does. He will serve the college well. I trust Fred whole heartedly.

Mario Yesman

- VP Mortgage Lending

I have full faith in Fred to get the job done - RIGHT!

Tharam Singh

- Concierge

Ken Chase

- Governing Board Member, Sulphur Springs Union School District

Go Fred!

Paul Nelson De La Cerda

- Former (13 yr) School Board Trustee, Saugus Union School District

Fred Arnold is a great fit for the College of the Canyons Board of Trustees. Go Fred!

Cesar Torres

- Graphic Designer

Bill Miranda

- Business Consultant

Fair. Trusted. It’s Fred!

Fred Arnold is a 28-year leader, speaker, coach, and mortgage professional in the real estate and mortgage banking industry who has helped his clients obtain over a billion dollars in mortgage loans. His belief is that if you help enough people get what they want out of life, you will achieve your goals and dreams as well, and now he wants to bring his mission of helping people to the College of the Canyons Board of Trustees.

Countdown until election day